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FDA Report
Larger Silver Particles Are Less Bioavailable
Smaller Silver Particles Are More Bioavailable

According to the FDA’s National Center for Toxicological Research Annual Report for 2011, in animal studies conducted by the agency only limited absorption of silver particles was observed when the silver particles were relatively large.

However, as the silver particle size decreased, absorption increased proportionately.


According to the report:

“Silver nanoparticles are highly effective antibacterial agents, and this property of silver nanoparticles is being exploited in an expanding number of commercial and consumer products…


During FY 2011, Division investigators examined the effect of the size of silver nanoparticles on the bioavailability, tissue distribution, metabolism, and clearance in rats.


The results indicated that, after oral administration, only limited absorption occurs, with the extent of absorption increasing as the size of the [silver] particles decreased.”



 -- FDA National Center for Toxicological Research Annual Report, 2011


All studies we’ve seen on antimicrobial efficacy as well as bioavailability of silver demonstrates that the smaller the silver particles ingested, the easier it is for the body to absorb and utilize them.

Larger silver particles go in one end and out the other. They are of no nutritional value, from a perspective of bioavailability.


The body is able to absorb and utilize smaller silver particles with relative ease. That’s why it’s so important to focus on silver particle size over the concentration of silver in the solution (i.e., “PPM”). Too many people think higher concentration, or “PPM,” means greater efficacy of the colloidal silver solution. But if the silver particle size is overly large -- as it usually is with highly concentrated colloidal silver solutions -- then bioavailability of that solution can be next to worthless.


Mary's Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver contains the smallest silver particles of any colloidal silver on the market as low as .0008 microns, which is .8 nm -- a fraction of a single nanometer!


These are uncommonly small silver particles, even when compared to those found in some of the most popular bottled brands of colloidal silver. 


**Clinical research demonstrates that silver particles lower than 50 nm are dramatically more effective against pathogenic microorganisms than silver particles larger than 50 nm. In fact, in many recent clinical studies, silver particles larger than 50 nm were largely ineffective against the pathogens tested, while silver particles under 50 nm were astonishingly effective. And that means you can take smaller, less concentrated doses, and still get far more of the electrically charged silver particles working in your body! In other words, you get all of the benefits of standard colloidal silver, without all of the risks of having to take high concentrations!




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