"Mary's colloidal silver cured Gypsy-Doll's bad breath overnight, it was amazing!"
Karen Johnson, Home-School mom, Lucerne Valley, CA.
"I tried cabrito (goat) for the very first time, it was deilicious. Thanks for introducing me to new food."
Totally Hooked on Cabrito, Cashier, Pasadena, CA.
"Thanks to Mary! she helped me save two abandoned newborn kittens with her nourishing milk." 

​Kelly, Yoga Instructor, Hesperia, CA. 


“Mary is the best. She is always with a smile, a kind greeting and her products are superb.”

Mary-Ann Devries, Systems Manager, CA.

“Mary is a hard working woman, and dedicates each day to providing the best  for the health and welfare of the goats. She takes great pride in her excellent products and my family is thankful. I pick up at the ranch, and enjoy lending a helping hand ."
Kenneth Dradnar,  Optics Engineer, CA. 
“Mary's Goat Farm was built on a shoestring budget. Mary is brave, strong, helpful and one of my most dear friends. She produces healthy, wholesome products, and her goats are her priority 1. Her dedication continues to be instrumental in promoting and supporting heritage breeds, and sustainable farming.”
Xenia,  Farmer/Rancher/Author, CA. 
“Thank you for providing such great services. I appreciate that you go out of the box, to offer herd-shares, and I am lucky to have found you.  I am a city slicker suffering from arthiritis and live in a condo. Now I have goat-herd shares, and I thank you for milking the goats for me. You are a treasure.”
Stacey Lynn, Lab Assistant, CA. 
“Brilliant! So lucky to have this gorgeous farm. Mary is kind, generous and we simply love her. She is a hard working gal and we are thankful for our bounties that she provides.”
Lisa & Ken Fremont, Best Boy Electrician,  CA.